Pizza, Garment, Heels

The best thing about Ramadhan month was: having fasting break with girls :) It is officially as a girls nite out + large pizza. It is almost easy to make a date with my girls: Ina, Ditta, and Uli all the time. It is hard when it comes to pick a date place. We were so confused about choosing a venue. We tries to discover a cozy cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, and stuff. Since it was Tuesday, and it was kinda Pizza day. I decided to make it as our date venue. Yup, Paparonz Pizza.

All about a pretty purses! Mine? No longer pretty.
our first photos! :)

Remember how much i really enjoys every single bites of my meals? Yup. This is kinda addicted to food. But it is not bad. I eat for live.
the great guest is coming! Treasure!

We're done having our dinner. We're so done with Pizza stuff. And did u know what makes them so much fun? Uli ordered American Classic Pizza with double Mozarela Cheese on it! So much delicious!
And now, garments rack is about to waiting to sneek and peek.

It's Gaudi turn! (did u see those little tiny DISCOUNT signs?!!)
love love loving these bustier alot like hell! Sexy as hell!!
How about these lace details on Ditta's back? Arent they way too cute?

And Avenue!!!
Who doesnt love these envelope clutch?

So, Hardware, uh? (look at those signs? Arghs!!)
So, i would like to tell u about how people stairs me like 'i was kinda camera junkie after all'.
Every time i went to place like stores, restaurants, food courts, amusement parks, or festival or it even just a typical regular walking. I love to taking a photos. I just cant stop, every time i staired to like cute stuff and i love them. I just took them on my camera lens. It might bothers people around me and also the shopkeepers as well. My friends are always used to say: "You really should make a eyes-blink camera. So every time you blinks, instantly you get the photos you wanted". That was actually like interested idea which also hurts. An my point of view were "I dont care. I love taking alot of photos. That is my way to try to memorizing every moments, every second with people i loved."
Somehow, the stunned.

Our last destination: Charles & Keith and Matahari Department Store.
This is abit of my views about how people loved to checking every store they want to be entered. I did the same way. I got those views from Ina. She doesnt care if people staired her, looked her from top to toe and maybe wondering "what is she doing here" "she may didnt purchase anything here" "what a pour". Somethin sounds like that. Ina says (pretty much like this) : "You should take your hands to your ears and be deaf about what people would think about you. Every possibillities are open to think negatively. Dont let them screwed it up your rights to be seen as a potential costumers who need to be checking first and then purchase. Fucked them up."

About this one. Please dont take it personal.

Outfit details:
I'm wearing : Tank / Gift from Sister. Jeans / Unbranded. Clog / Details. Purse / Louis Vuitton.

Xo. Krist.