The Salon Day

I am not exactly like Salon kinda girl. I cant let my self to stucks for hours just get my hair done. Or nails done. Or face done. That is kills me.
Fortunely, my aunts has salon just in front of her house. Thank God! I could feels like home, i could have the toilet as much i like, i could make my self like home. So, before Summer begins, i dyeing my hair down!

Ferrero Rocher just great for an afternoon break!
How about black&white for Summer? Great?

I can not be kidding about my Summer protector treats. These just abit of my Summer essentials.

Tadaaah! The Hair Color! Felice Professional Hair Color in Medium Light Blonde and Matrix in 9%.

Salon Time!

And there is a bad news for me. My hair was not very friendly to coloring stuff. My aunt says my hair is need to be pushes very hard to make the colors just to shines and bright. So, takes a break for about three weeks and gives my hair a little rests.

Xo. Krist.