I Want That Blue!

Thirty days ago, there is a girl came to local salon. She brought a hair color and she wants to dyeing her hair into seriously ginger and asked the stylist 'can u make a blue highlighted hair for me?'. That stylist just, like stunned and keep coloring her hair.
I was that girl. Just the time i asked my aunt as my hair stylist, she just kinda 'are u nuts?'. Seriously i want that blue hair. After u know, deep struggling with my self that really hard. And arguing with my aunt who suggested me that ginger hair is way better that blue hair. What blue i want here is only on bangs area. Not too much. That choice also leading me to this hair extensions. But i prefer to be like experimenting about coloring my hair, i never did that before. Otherthough, my ginger hair color is not completly done and needed to be finish and i cant stop my self about the choose to bleach my hair. I did a several searching and browsing about how to bleach hair and i found a few articles, blogs, Youtube videos, and stuff. And there are a few posts that i bookmarked. But this post is the best! I can read a step to step and DIY bleached hair and there is like alot of tips around. I declaired these post as my guide to bleach my hair. Meet the writer, Erica Cheung. Since she's an Asian girl as well and had a natural dark hair just like me. I started to following them on Twitter.
Dyed ur hair, blue like an easy yet hard steps. I never got my hair bleached before and i read the post which suggested to bleaching ur hair under the professional hands, like at salon. Since its costs very expensive, i prefer to do that by my self. This is would be my very first experimenting with my hair.
"I found horror stories of people who describe the bleaching process as akin to having your head set on fire and many who claimed that over-bleaching will make your hair fall out (which is a myth, by the way)." Erica Cheung says on her post.
Image Source: Bleach

I will manage like two friends to helping me out during the bleaching steps. Accoring to Erica, during the bleaching steps u really need to covers ur hairline, neck, and ears as well so u wont get burned by the bleach. Maybe they would be my sister and my friend. Clearly my mom is not a experiments kinda mom, When i colored my hair into a soft ginger, all she ever think were things like: OMG! You really did that, uh?
She left her bleached hair for about overnight and i can not imagine what it will feels if i really did leaving my bleached hair for overnight to get the bleach color. I wonder, at the salon, we only will leaves our bleach hair for an hour to more hours. The stylist says the longer u leaves them, the more damages end hair u will get. As i reading Erica's post, she says all those horror stories are obviously a MYTH. So im not worried anymore. She says if u want ur dyed hair completly succeed, u need to bleach ur hair multiple times. She bleached her hair over six times and tadaah! She got the blue hair she wanted.
Lady Gaga! As seen on You and I video clips, i captured her hair in my brain!
Remember this? As seen on Bride Maids. When Emma (Anne Hathway) colored Liv's hair (Kate Hudson) as funny as hell!
Katy Perry's signatures hair. I love her when she did a 'hair-brave' on her hair. That blue hair is soo soo stunning!

For me, it will took more times to collecting my brave remember i never did these before. I did colored my hair by my self with sister’s helped and it was quite nice but the fear of failing is haunted me. But i want that blue! Really! I DO! All i have to do is purchasing the suggestion products. I found a few of hair bleach and hair colored. So, about DIY hair bleach. That also leads me to prefer to hair chalk as well. Chalking my hair is way so much easier than bleaching my hair. And hair chalk does not last permanently so a daily chalked are requires. I just read a couple articles that chalking ur hair is not damaged ur hair. Be sure u choose a ‘chalk’ to chalking ur hair. Not crayon. I found these hair chalk on Kaskus the other day which i already purchased them :) i just need to patient to have that hair chalk arrive at my door. All blue hair dreams also bring to me other decision: hair extensions. I did searching and browsing blue-hair extensions on Kaskus, Lazzada, Zalora and theyre not available (in my country). So i went through Amazon, Ricky’s and Ebay. I found alot of blue hair extensions, which also great, and cheap yet qualitied. But it will requires a big budget too, i lived all the way Indonesia and it will costs more to payed the shipping-cost.
Id like to thank to Erica Cheung. She gave me an inspirations to do an at home DIY hair bleaching, which i planned to do it very soon before my semester starts on September.

Xo. Krist.