The Day Dream: Top 10 Engage and Wedding Hair

What can i say? Im a dreamer, but im not the only one. People did, but i dont know about u guys, but i love planning my 'day' into the details. I dont know. We (my boyfriend and i) had planned our day together. We are goin to engage next year as well, after i graduates college. Today Carats & Cake email me with a very happy news :) They accepted my nember request and im now a new member! This is will be like helping me to hosting my engagement party (next year i hope!). But i have a problems during signing up in Carats & Cake. Can u tell me why? Maybe?
Throwing and hosting and also having a big day are huge! I mean at this point i need to look almost perfect so the guests people would think, 'OK. This is their day'. Nobody's perfect, evenly. I have been searching for fun-tastic hair on red carpets at various premierres, fashion shows, an annuals shows, and stuff. U know i love to sneeked out celebrities on the red carpet. And this is like a hair inspiration for wedding day and also for engagement party. I will keep on writing this feature!
Here we go!
Who doesnt love Charlize Theron hair while her hair is grows? That silvered or diamonds headband went perfectly with a classic blonde hair.
 How about take this Kate Bosworth's hair style on my day? It is super nice top-knot with a blonde hair. I would try this!
Know her? Yap. She is Emma from A Beautiful Mess blog. She had wedding last June and she looked stunning with golden-blonde hair, loose 80's waves, and flower crown. Classic!
Drew, okay. I love her at her 50 First Dates & Wedding Singer movies, like alot. Present day, she still look stunning with that hair style which i dont know what its called :) 
Look at Alba's braided? Love it? Me too! I love braided hair style but im not much for braiding expert and i also 'still' lookin for an easy braided, too. 
Seyfried is (always) stealing my eyes and make them wont blink. I love Amanda, so much. And this hair style looks perfectly nice with those thin black headband. 
Runway! Im not really sure, maybe this hair style belongs to Valentino? Maybe?
It reminds me how crazy i was when i started to collects bow-headband at 12. 
Wont be attention? Keep it quite? Okay. I agreed. Katy Perry and her invinsible braided around her hair what i love the most is the braid is pretty like fat and big :p 
Ginger hair is back in town, babes!
Who doesnt love this bun-braided and i barely knows what its called so i made up my self :) Just look at that bold and big braided! Cute!
Scream for 80's era. High nested hair is back! And messy too! 
What can i say? Be bold and confidence. U will be an instant it girl when u walked by.

Image Source: Elle & Yahoo!

So, all the hair style are great! I had three winners: Charlize Theron, Emma, and Katy Perry.
How about u? Which one u like?

Xo. Krist.