The Day Dream: 10 Wedding Dresses Inspiration From Random Events

Hey friends! I am so so so excited to see this coming! I am free!
I dedicates my self to continue blogging! Yippie! So this time i would like to share about wedding, again. Dont get bored. This time, i would like to share about wedding dresses inspiration!
Taylor Swift is always pretty. But id rather to say the dress is prettier than her :) White + silver! Love!
I can choose this dress from Taylor Swift, somehow. It would be a simple beauty.
As seen on Emma's Wedding on A Beautiful Mess blog last June. She made it by her self with a little help from sister and friends! I love it.
And a DIY dress could be meaning when ur family and friends made it for u!
I love when Diana Rikasari choosed these pink dress for her reception. It has a lace and kebaya look-a-like detail. And look at those LOVE symbol? Arent they just cute?
I have to admit i was soo blind around the fashion kind. But seriously i love these lace + sequin + sparkled detail from #idontknowher at red carpet. She paired it with a gorgeus clutch as well.
Totally glamour.
Just look at Rihanna with these red-catchin-eyes dress. The glamourest look ever from Rihanna. Perfect for my after party wedding. Maybe in cream or softer color?
Totally lux dress with a deep v neck and crystal around it. Deep V neck is kinda a new trend in Spring 2013 which also cool ( i will be posting it soon :D ) Everything white and silver! Silver earings, shoes, bracelet, rings!
Mila Jovovich, okay. I know this girl.
Look at those Deep V Neck. It is all about to coming in Spring. I told u so! And a semi-transparant dress. Anything silver and gold!
Scream for Rosie!!! White and white! All white dress and white shoes as well.
My wedding will be like a glorious.
Backless back in, babes! Just go with a messy back less. I can see that silver detail!
Nicole Kidman is look stunning around this strapless-deep-v-neck dress and with a silver detail.
I love the way that dress is just went smoothly wrap her body.

What do u think, uh? I can see most of them worn white and silver. Rosie's dress is the winner! I just love a simple dress wrapped in her body and matches shoes too. How about u? Which one u like?

Xo. Krist.