The Birthday Continues

So, i have pending to posting to my blog lately. I have some other unfinished job to get finish. There is so much things happen last June. I also thankful to Allah!
About my birthday, em what can i say? It was great and shocked! Id like to thank to Ditta Imanas! She wished me and she was the first person! OMG Ditta! And all friends and families thank u for remembering my birthday, for wished me, for anything! Facebook friends, Twitter friends thank u so so so so so so much!
Huge thank to B for his present :) And let me tell u about what happened in my birthday! B were really really got me shocked and amazed! He actually put a few clues in drugg bottle and there is more one! It got me really crazy remembering how bad i was in lookin for missing stuff.
And, i unwrapped his present. It was so much better than i ever thought. I thought he was goin to give me something like heels, skirt, or some girly stuff.
Best birthday ever!! Thank u :)
I love my present :))) I will see you in our wedding as well :D