Cutting Skirt Off

Since I saw a picture of Emma in A Beautiful Mess few days ago when they were posting about Sister Style, I'm sort of adoring Emma's leather skirt she paired with t-shirt, tight and black boot. BUT since I didn't own leather skirt so I went through my closet to finding a nice skirt to wear. And I found it...
It is an old piece of skirt I've worn when I entered college two years ago. I was teriblely...fat. Don't wanna talk about my body weight right now. I think I can do a little of refashioning at home.
What you will need :
- your skirt in any length you want it
- scissor (did I told you my scissor was new?)
- crayon or whatever you can find to give you little sign where to cut
Step :
1. Draw a line at your skirt using crayon (mine was silver and it has nothing to do with it), I'm using a ruler to keep my line straight.
2. Start to cut your skirt and you can cut it as short as you want. YOU'RE GOOD TO GO.
What I love about this project is I don't have to use sewing mechine since I didn't own any of those.
What do you think? Do I look like Emma already?