Autumn Time Favorites (Part One)

It's now time to talk about Autumn. I personally loving this weather alot more than Summer. I don't really like the sun, the heat, I've already had them almost all year. But Autumn is different. It's a combination of heat and cold in the same time, turns out it's more to cold. That's why people love to wearing a sweater at this weather.
The days between my busy hour and the rare 'me time', I love upgrading my beauty supplies. Who doesn't like get a new emerald skirt by Autumn? Who doesn't love get a new white fur coat by Autumn? Everybody does love it. Either do I. Upgrading is kinda an important stuff to do, yet it's gonna be just okay if I didn't do it. Everytime I get my self on to it, I felt a bit happy. I love having new comers in my supplies closet. Last Summer or Spring I didn't got the chance to it, all was an old supplies I've purchased last year and some of them was purchasing last January. I don't mean to complain, because I know there's so many people would be overjoyed to using same supplies all season. Because if they can do it, they're awesome in using and utilizing their supplies in the best way.
Here I am, today will show you my Autumn Favorites (Part One) on the blog :
Can you believe it? I'm 20 years old and 4 months, and I still loving brother's shower gel... because they smell soo fresh, and so apple (no wonder because it was on Apple Series). Don't get bugging on Angry Birds cartoon, I think they're cute. I think I'm going to keep using them and you know what it was my second bottles + there's no reason to betray this Mandom Kids Shower Gel!
It's no secret I have the most damage, crazy, dry, frizzy among family and friends. Even my hair stylist says my hair needed to be (extreme) trim, shave it would be better because by shaving I can get a new healthier hair. This Ellips Ultra Treatment was a good choice because they worked so magically fast to my hair and makes it look decent. There's no lion hair by day.
Thanks to these two magic Garnier for making my day flawless and lighter, by your magic power makes my face brighter, cleaner, less acne marks (help me against it please!), less damage and any ways it looks better. Those BB cream was my fourth times I won't stop addicting to these bb cream, because they covered my acner marks evently and yes they proove what they promised: 8 Jam Tanpa Kilat (8 Hours Shine-Free). I'm using both of them to school, but if I were at home grab my self with Garnier Light Complete only.
You guys might know I've owned that Feel The Love lipgloss months ago or you might don't know at all about it. Very Me was one of Oriflame's baby-brain or maybe they've separated but featured on the same catalogue every month. What I love about this lipgloss is it was not over-shinning like when after you're eating a fried food. I simply adding a thin layer of this lipgloss after I'm using a lipstick. Talking about lipstick, as a girl's best friend: lipbalm. They're taking a wonderful job to moisturize our lip, they also taking another job to magically pink-ing our lip! Please welcome, Silky Girl Magic Pink Lip Balm!
Did you see that pills? It was my Ellips Hair Vitamin I've been using it for years. Can't take my eyes of it!
Autumn still saving an invisible heat. You can't be joking around with it. You need to protect your skin from UV ray for sure. I'm not much for sun screen product, so far I only using Vaseline Sunblock. One of my huge problem is I have an oily skin that's why it need an antidote to against them + remove sun dullnes, I've got all of them by using Pond's Sun Dullness Removal Facial Scrub and Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Brightening Lemon and Energizing Berry.
I'm an ad girl. Everytime one brand claims something great I instantly grabbed them, and don't care are they for real? But once I decided to purchase these Vaseline Healthy White Serum with an SPF30 PA++ and Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair, I straightly away stock them (I stocked two & it was my fourth bottles of that Insta Fair and my second bottes of that Serum). I promise you, they ARE FOR REAL!

I seriously loving my Autumn Favorites supplies, it's been good for me so far. I'm using these stuff every single day start in September.
How about you? Do you have your Autumn Favorites supplies? Is it pink lipstick or what? But be sure you're purchasing a product that you can use continuely! xoxo. krist.