Batik Is OURS

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the radio silence last week I mean I've got to admit paper works are, crazy. So today I will make it up to my Batik for missing the post in Batik Day a few days ago.
Batik is precious. It's a combination of finest art, a careful hand and pretty nature. Batik is not just a piece of fabric you can get in store. Batik is kept something more than that. As you can see the royal family are literlly worn Batik for their daily basic and they proud of it. Some Batik will cost you a million rupiah because it's Batik tulis. Batik tulis made using a hand writting to draw every single detail design, took a few times to made them, and it is expensive because they're worth it.

I think if we tagging Batik in low price we won't be able to esteem Batik as our culture heritage. Every heritage is priceless! Youth generation has got to protect and conserve them so they won't stop to our generation. What about our grand childrens? I've seen Mr. President worn pretty Batik every time he appears to public and he loves it, so was I. I personally think Batik is not old, ancient, unmodern etc. Batik is modern. Every provinces has its own Batik motif, and each has a factory to makes Batik.
My mum is one of woman who wouldn't stop purchases Batik every time she had an event to attends. Once I asked her to stop liking Batik and move to other print, as known as Tribal. I took her to the store and we were picking our each dresses, she got Batik, all the time, she has. I asked her 'why mum' and she answered happily 'because Batik the only piece that prettty'. Sometimes I wore Batik in Friday. Batik is ours. Batik is belong to us. We moved aggressively when other country tries to pleading our Batik as their heritage. We always did. Now, it is time to change!
Dress: c/o Sahara; Shoes: Connexion; Hair style by me

Selamat Hari Batik Nasional! xoxo. krist.