10 Things : The Most Flirt Red

Hey friends. It's midnite already and this is what I've been waiting for. Time to see those red dresses fellas! I love it. Red dresses seen in every annual red carpet moments and I love it alot when celebrity walked in their red flirt dress.
Charlize Theron has always lookin' pretty to every occasion. Even when she cutted her hair into a pixy she still rock on. She picked a Lanvin peplum dress. I love it more when I sneek to her toe she paired Lanvin with those silver toe.
Who doesn't love Ciara? She is fanciable. But I was wondering if her dress is way TOO low. I mean it is kinda low but I think she can refer to pick a longer lenght? Just sayin'
She made magic through how she look! Notice that bright red lip? And those pretty flat on her toe? What can I say so?
Carla Gugino picked the smartest way to wear a red dress, with those transparant net flocking her chest.
Osbourne knows her shape! Her purple hair is the winner!
Michelle oh please! She is lookin' flawless through this dress, isn't she? Because her hair says so
I finally can call her Claire Danes because she is like related to twin sister with Clemency, isn't she? I envy you Claire!
If you wanna go vintage just feel free ask Zoe about it I'm sure she is the expert! Loving that pearls!
Loving this dress from Amber Heard, I love to the tiniest detail!
Holland Roden is lookin' curvier through this dress I guess because she layered too thicky strapless

It's very fun to see those women in red and all of them are lookin' flirty are ye with me? Which one do you like it the most?