Donut Time!

I don't like donuts. But when your friends ask you to join them to have some donuts, you barely can say no. One crazy pleasure when hanging out with these guys, being late. Uli, she had a duty to picking me up that day. I was about to wearing my clog on, I was waiting her for an hour. She picked me after 2 hours. What a day! But these things is kinda makes me missing them so much, late.
What I love about our afternoon was, mum's tassel gold necklace which I made it for her for our Autumn weddings. It was my first DIY necklace project this year and I'm so excited about it! :)

Recently been wearing my flowered tank top very often. The weather was not too cold after all did you know my skin can't handle over-heated weather? It's true! To be honest I'm more to Winter kinda girl. I'm enjoying my blankets time around December! Can't wait for it :)

Tanktop: c/o La Christie, Trouser: c/o Dual Jeans, Clog: c/o Details, Bag: unbranded, Necklace: diy

Even you know, I never feel to donut after all, but I'm enjoying my Hazelnut Latte so much :)
I had a great day guys! :)