Uptown People

This Autumn there's a bunch of warmer clothes and I started to drink coffee more often. The weather is getting colder, rain is falling at nite, in the morning the sun is shinning a little bit. I don't know about you guys but I was like having weird obsession this Autumn: rubber boot. Even we don't have winter or freezing weather but I think it might be cool for school.
I've been busy for my school projects lately, luckily I have super understanding friends! Meet my girl Uli and my man Kokom. I guess you guys have met her uh? I've found my tiny free day in the middle of my busy week to have a nice coffee evening with them. She's been busy too for work.
We took a break to having nice iced latte & green tea latte. I don't know why every time I ordered iced latte I grab alot of sugar. I added 5 packs of sugar. In my last bite there was a shock sugar and it was so damnly sweet! Poor me.
This book I bring for Uli so she would read it and new perspective will comes over her. Since she and her ex boyfriend broke up about three months ago, she still can't (won't) moved on. I think this book (mine is translated version) would help her to get through her bad time.
We had Cheese Cake and Cinnamon Cake! I can tell you these cakes made me fail to diet. They're so yum and delicious and tastes like wonderland. I must tell you I'm no cheese cake fan ever before and this cheese cake made me break my words. My green tea latte tastes good and so green tea.
Now it is time to have a little fun. Holiday fever just attacking us these few months! Sunnies is one of travel equipment. Look at her! Uli was trying mirrored sunnies. Was it too... hilarious? And I definitely love my time every time enter to travel store, you know what I mean? Those luggage tag was too nice to travelling, uh! Time to go neon! It's never too late to go neon! Loving these Bellaggio midi heels 

Dress: c/o Cottonclub, Tights: c/o Prive, Boots: c/o Marido, Bag: unbranded, Bracelets: gift, Bow hair piece: c/o Stroberi

Uli shopped at Gaudi she's always a shopping girl. Thank you guys! You're a gem!