Hey friends! Just wanted to share about my campaign on the blog today (I think that's all blogging all about sharing stuff).
You can read our first blog post here when we introduce ourselves to public. We recieced a bunch of emails ever since :) What a day! Then we posted about how to apply the campaign message to your friends, your family and related people. Which this post also made people asked us more about piracy act. We're soooooooooooo happy about it!
Our third post we posted about how to apply the campaign message to your self and ourselves. We were given four option how to apply it to your self and ourselves and alsowe have five reasons to stop piracy act / illegal download. After this post was posted on our blog, we gained a lot of viewers ever since. We can't be happier :)
Our friends asked us why people stop visiting music stores now. We were give our explanation and our suggestion. Also we have five reasons why you should visit or go to your local music stores to purchase an original cassettes and CDs. We have a music stores list in Semarang too!
Our latest post in our blog. We posted about why you should stop piracy act. We received a lot of emails from friends, and people who had read our blog. We're so extremely delighted! 
My friends is the most amazing friends ever. They help me so much to get through it.

Thank you friends, I will not be my self today without you guys.