School Everyday

My school life has been so busy this far. What makes me happy doing every single thing is I don't complaining at all. Did you know if you are setting this in your mind 'love what you do, do what you love', your stuff will finish when your time arrives and mine finished ontime :)
Meet my new backpack spare with boyfriend, Jeep Military Travel Equipment Backpack! It has a nice open big space inside. When I saw this backpack displayed on store I think it was all small space backpack and I was wrong. It actually has many pockets, secured with many zippers too. I'm packing my binder, books, laptop and everythin' in this backpack and I even can find there's a space left. I love it! 
When you're havin' the most awful busy day in your weekdays (I don't want to dirt my weekend day with paper works I mean laptop works is my limit), you're gonna need somethin' to keep cheerin' you up. In my case is color. It just me, every time I wore neon or bright color my mood is automatically rebuild. I've worn this shock-pink outer alot last week I might want to wear it too this week.
This is my secret: lipstick. Lipstick is important too you know. I spent about 8 - 12 hours for school, play dates & business dates. I met people a lot this few weeks so I need to we can say 'pretty' every time. Lipstick is definitely my best girl friend at this situation. Recently I'm loving to this lipstick: PIXY Silky Fit Lipstick Semi Matte #117 Nanami. It's so bright and pink. I never owned this lipstick before.
Did you see that? My lip quickly turned to lovely shock-pink color! And I fell in love with it. Plus this lipstick is semi matte, so it's not too glossy and it's not too matte either. It's just perfect for your daily. This lipstick is also last very longeeeer.
I've always a bright color pair of shoes, especially flat shoes. It's kinda my uniform. Wearing heels would kill me obviously because my campus has sooooo many stairs. You need to got down after you parked your ride, and you need to get up for three floors. Now, converse and flat is better idea. And hair, my very choice is always goes to a nice braid!

Outerwear: CilZ II (bought in garage sale), tank top: c/o Avenue, Jeans: c/o Dual Jeans, Shoes: c/o Virgo, Backpack: c/o Jeep
Books. Mm, I never been such a big fan of library. Actually it was my first visit at the library. Since I got so many tasks to do I came to the library and borrow some books, while I'm doing some reviewe I should have to get done six months ago. Thank God to my new journal book I bought the other day.
Back in my quote "love what you do, do what you love". This quote came across over me when I was having a recess during the laptop works (laptop works is not suck). If I love doing what I 'do', in this case is doing my campaign project, my event management project, my advertisement project and my media kit project. All that projects drained my mind, energy, and my brain feels like burning, just like when Patrick Star in Spongebob Squarepants was thinking. Loving what I do is not easy as it seems, it's easy when you want to, when you're enjoying what you do. It's difficult when you're not enjoying what you do. If you're not loving what you do, every single of your pieces will turn to nothing. It's useless. Make your projects as your routines. You will find it's very fun thing to do, and you will satisfy when you finish your projects.
(Book details : Kampanye Public Relations - Rusady Ruslan; Cerdas Beriklan - Adhy Tristanto; Lee Cooper Autumn Winter 2013 Lookbook)
I can prove it to you! Did you know I'm working my campaign project with no friend, with no team mate? But I'm on it, girl! You can stop doing what you love even when you're all alone on it. Your other friends will help you no matter what, whatever you need, whenever you need them they'll be there for ya'. I'm not lying! I'll tell you about my school projects soon now I'm going to sleep it's very late here. Bye friends. Have a nice Monday ~