Today I'm super excited to share the news, I've been workin' on some project these few months lately. It might be the hardest, complication, tough, wild, exotic (whatever you name it) project I ever worked on. Please welcome, Semarang Resik Pembajakan.
It's my school project and I'm pretty much obsessed with this project. It gets me addicted and makes me don't want to leave my chair while I was around home. Good thing is, it never makes me stuck or have nothing to do. I've always been moved ever since. Moves, in a good side. Like when you found a new thing to do, like your job you need to get done unlimited for 24 hours a day. I love doing this. I've complained at first, because I felt there was someone had my back to help me and throw some 'brainstorming' which I really need it. I know now brainstorming can be done around limited people and limited thoughts and limited hours. This project had influenced me to grow young. I refuse to grow old.
Grow young, I mean thinking young and not in young cage. I met new people with alot of new perspective too. I met new people with alot of different jobs. Meet my friends, Fafa and Tommy. They've helped me designed my campaign logo, poster, sticker, and pin. Such a good friends, but look deeper inside, they wanted to help me because they want to. There's no coercion from other side. They such good people spare their time with me and help me through it. Tommy, the guy I barely talked to. We've met about two years ago but I've never knew him. Thru this project I get know him better. I met Fafa two - three years ago. He was Bimo's high school mate. Also thru this project, I get know him closer and better. We are now best friend. Tommy and I are now email best buddies. 
And I met Bobby. I knew him for five years we hang out once. But I've never knew that he take tees order. Who knows? I mean all I knew him as a band boy, gigs junkie, had alot of tattoo (I want some too), and he was my sister's friend. I met my twin a few days ago and she recommended me to call Bobby. Fafa signed our deal to me appears at his band album launching come this November. What a day! Who knows I have so many friends got my back? Everyone was extremely nice and such a caring people too. Thru this project I am now a new library girl, came to library every recess browsing some books to sent me an idea. Campaign changes everything.
I must telling you I'm on this all alone, techinically. I got kicked out from my team since I didn't appreciate what they've showed me before. Me and my friends all the eleven of us were thinking to create some new original campaign. I suggested this campaign. But there was no answer I decided to bring this project with a shy face covered with paper works to our teacher. He liked it, alot. There was no any further conversation until today between me and those eleven college people. We're still friends, not in special phase. What I've learned from this was you can not walk all alone without your team, even your team as bad as monster. You need to be together. Sometimes when you know you've been slashing to them, all you need is them. My foolishness brought me to higher level of self-esteem of my self. I don't booming you to do the thing like what I did, because believe it or not it will burns you out sometimes. I decided to leave because I didn't have any place to lay on.

That was when Cappucino become my new night over mood booster to stay positive. Since it's only 4 % Fat, I would have a cup of Capuccino every night in this situation. I only have less than a good eight hours sleep but I'm on it. Keep pushin' on it. In the morning mum has already setting my tea nicely before she went to work. There's no place like home, there's no such a caring person like mum, there's no such 'a-woman-who-always-knows-everything' type beside your mum. Mum knows everything. Once she wants me to leave my laptop at home, binder, paper case, paper works. She wants me to feel I was lucky enough having all everything to get done than do nothing and messy around. She was right. She wants me to change my attitude to people. I was such a sarcasm, annoying, rough girl. Now I grew up a little self defense to stand what mama told me. It turns so great.
When I met these people to open up my burried ancient mind to look up there's alot of ways to do it, girl. You ain't no fucking bitch. You can do it. That bell is always ringing. Boyfriend, mum, sister and brother and my teacher told me you can do it. Teacher tells me if I want to make it right, you gotta do it differently. You want to take attention, yell it loudly. Boyfriend is the greatest man by my side. Open for every single my complains, place to lay on his lap, shoulder to cry on whenever my tears fell down, a very good chatter to break the ice between us in the car, make me a song mixtape to build my mood stay up. You will need a man to hold you strongly at this situation. We got each other backs. We helped each other. I swear to God I love him.
Take these pictures above, a Spongebob Squarepants mini note book & sequin in fabric. My brother would kill for this Spongebob note book. Why? Because they've designed it so flawlessly with Spongebob yellow signature skin with his 3D nose. It's a selling point. That 3D nose bring Spongebob more real, kids loves it too. They can play around with the nose. That Spongebob note book is quite small but every time I see it I want to touch the nose only. It's outstanding for sure and they make it more visible-able. Let's move to the third picture. What do you see? I see a close photographs. Because it does. I took it with slow speed and high ISO I want to see how the sequins draw. Did you get it? Sequins show us how small they are and how they perfectly sewn. Things sometimes seen perfectly and sometimes only seen. You will need alot of more wide open mind to see the perfectly stuff. I applied that formula to my campaign. I want my campaign seen first and then seen perfectly. I want my campaign like a Spongebob. Seen.
Thru this campaign I am now craft girl. Campaign forces me to think creative and believe me it brings me to good, better. I made some campaign mini flag, food toppers, welcome banner (for the event) and more crafty stuff I made during the making of this campaign. I am now applying what I've learned from school this past five semester, everything. Campaign makes me younger. Makes me wilder a bit but whatever I love it.
When your friends leaving you, you need to know you're not alone in this. Best friends will help you. My twin is pretty much taking over control on me. I met her every once a week or more or less. Everytime we met, it's precious. She kept me safe. I know I'm not alone in this since I reopened my friends list. I have more than 3,000 friends on Facebook. I'm not really sure I know all of them, but at least I have some friends.
A coffee is whole new thing for me and it's really makes me addicted. Latte, cappucino, green tea latte, don't pay attention to Mojito because Mojito definitely not a coffee. Caffeine is good. Not too much! But it's good. Especially when you brew your coffee in coffee shop where you can meet people, friends or someone. Coffee shop is a good place to get an inspiration. I've ordered two green tea latte, one mojito and one iced choco in my latest coffee date with my twin yesterday. I recently purchased 'sky' journal book and really enjoying writting on it. My journal book and binder is the place where every smallest note written. I don't know it just me.
Now, I'm gonna need you to help me on this campaign. Read the blog, follow on Twitter, like the campaign on Facebook, I personally owe you BIG, in the rest of time. I'm now practicing my campaign speech !
Thank you so much :)