Fall Wedding - Round One

Been wearing this houndstooth dress like a lot since September. Not that much I mean I wore this dress everytime I've found there's a special occasion like, birthday party, girls nite out and wedding. It will never goes wrong. Don't bother your self with my crazy messed up hair because I don't know I barely brushing my hair when I got up. And, that love detail sling bag is my mum's. She kept it since she was around 20. It looked pretty dirt and the gold color had fading but lookin' good and vintage. I got my self used to these pair of shoes. These shoes almost gave me a terrible and embarrassing accident back to September. I almost slipped when I walked in. Thank God I wasn't. 
Dress: unbranded, Shoes: c/o Connexion, Purse: Mum's, Sunnies: Dad's, Bracelets: Gift, Bought it Malioboro Yogyakarta

Btw, this outfit I wore when attending my middle school's mate, and my mom's friend daughter, complicated I know. The food was great!