Fashion-At-Work References

Today's our cleaning-job-day. And we're having a break now after all it is lunch time. While we're waiting for lunch, which is the food is being delivered by the restaurant is on the way to our place. Let me tell you a bit about my work place. It's Semarang International School, and this is an international school in Semarang which is the one and only. School is free until the next two weeks but the office staff is still had to work. And most of the teachers are taking their holidays.
While we're starving here, the ladies (women teacher) and I, since I was the youngest one, my fashion is 'still' colorful and I even often to wearing sneakers like Converse, Nike and Vans to work. They often to laughing at me and wondering if I still a 'college' girl. World, I'm only 20. When I came up with this topic, 'fashion-at-work', and we started to talk about an hour. Most of the ladies are like to wear something simple and non-heavy plus flexible, because most of their job is interacting with children, which is will require more flexible moves and free moves. Let's underlined this word 'no heels'. At my first week of working, I'm regularly wearing clog, wedges even heels. Three weeks later my feet hurts because I need to taking care of the children. You know children, running around, hiding, most of them are like to run.
And this is what I've learned from them, fashion at work as a teacher, more like to teaching children from 1 year - 11 years-old.
  • Don't go over a formal working dress, like tight skirts, tight blazers, tight leggings, tight trousers and a pastel formal working dress. Because accident will happens all the time with the kids, painting job, sand playing, dirt accident, water, plus don't go over your best clothes when teaching. Love your kids, love your clothes ;
  • Please, leave your heels at home. This is the most important thing. There's nothing wrong wearing heels when you're teaching. But to prevent any accidents such as falling down when you're chasing your kids who likes to running around, spraining when you're playing with your kids, and your move won't be comfortable. When I decided to wearing heels, I brought a sandal when teaching at class or when I need to walk over the hall or over the school. Heels are only for lunch or meeting with your mates ;
  • No need to do a girly hair-do. You know what, ponytail has been my favorite hair style ever since, because kids are active they like to playing around. You don't want your hair style is ruined, do you? So listen to me, keep your hair up or down, don't braid, or don't do a magical fairy tales hair style you probably see on the internet ;
  • Dress is fine, but.... There are lots of but with this dress subject. Let's say you can wear your summer dress with a flower pattern or summer pattern, but don't pick a transparent dress which is will be uncomfortable to you. Keep it simple and nice ;
And my fashion-at-work rules are :
  • Sneakers are the best friend, flatshoe is the second friend, and the heels are the huge deal. Even I'm still wearing dress about two or three times a week ;
  • Dark trouser is good to cover if there is any dirt ;
  • Skirt is nice, not to tight not to fluppy ;
  • Blazer can be an option, keep it simple ;
  • Chiffon clothes are second choice instead of cotton clothes ;
  • Don't go over double pieces of clothes, it will kill you ;
  • Formal working dress is good, but be smart to take a portion on it ;
  • Bigger bags to larger space, backpack is good too ;
  • The last one, fashion is what you like to wear and comfortable with. I cannot control how'd you dress.
Here's my favorites pictures I took from many sources in Google

How about you? Which one is your favorite? I love playing with colors and pattern to work. It will make kids feel happy and cheer up with all chic colors and electric colors. xoxo