The Fourth Month

Hey guys! OMG! I missed my promises to all of you from the previous post I hate to be myself. But good thing is I am now doing an internship in Semarang International School or you can see here. It's been about a month I've been doing an internship around. I'm so excited about it. Okay, before we go any further. Lemme just spell all of the stories of my life has been missing in my blog, or perhaps you guys are curious.
It is 2014 already and I don't know where to begin to tell you about my last 2013. It was amazing. I made a lot of friends, made lots of beautiful things in my room, did a wonderful job on my study (maybe it wasn't that good but I'm pretty satisfied), attended a few seminars that I thought will be earns me something and yes to be true I have changed to a better person I was, which is this is a new thing to be proud of.
Ooops, my new year's eve party was amazing. That was I met lots of new friends and made friends as well. We still keeping in touch these days. We did a party in Patra Jasa Hotel, we've rented a cottage with the most prettiest landscape ever. I can see lots of city lights at night and in the morning when I woke up I can see the most beautiful morning outlook from our cottage. We had a lot of fun.
But, sadly I have to tell you the day after the first day of 2014, my boyfriend I suddenly split up because of lots of random problems and I don't know it just came down together in one time. I was really sad and quite depressed about this split up thing. We are supposed to have the most beautiful moment coming up this year. Good thing is we never loses our messages or calls. We still standing up together, separately. It's hard to believe after four year we have been together, through the good and bad times. That bad times has flown away these couple of months. Thank God I only took about 2,5 months to recovered my self from damages. It was tough time I had to go with my own self. He still supports me, he still texts me, he still calls me, we're like friends now. Even we're still grab a meal together when we had a break time. Now, he currently started dating again with a girl, which he tells me everyday about 'the girl'. Even he's constantly seeing a girl now. What a great move. As for me, I currently started dating again and seeing a boy again. It was nice how thing goes slowly and turns pretty.
Let's move on to my career life (I'm so excited about!). I'm now doing an internship job in Semarang International School as Public Relations Officer and Teacher. It was actually school so they do needs a teachers. I taught Toodlers class, Preschool & Kindergarten Class and Grade 5, 6, 7 Class. It was so much fun. I finally can improves my teaching skills. Teaching kids are always fun and fantastic! They offers me a job already as a General Administrator. Fortunately they have a position for me. But I really have to finish my study first.

See? Good things happens for a reason ....

(to be continued...)