A Week Of "WITHOUT PICTURES" Challenge

Hey friends! How are you today? I’m good, like very good.
Just like they say about ‘girls philospoy’ something sounded like ‘girls went to shopping’. And, yes, it does. As i mentioned in my previous post about I was about to having a little break and went shopping with my girl, Ina. Yes, I did it! And I loved it. Who doesn’t love shopping? Even I’m not kinda a new arrivals seeking about clothes, but in some cases I will placed my self for shopping.
So, today I challenge my self about posting on my blog without pictures. Ina asked me to. She is kinda getting too tired captured me clicking a shutter button, all the time, everytime I catch a good dresses and stuff. She figures it out why I always tied my camera around my wrist when I walked by. I want to make something really good on my blog. People love to see a good cute pictures. It is becomes like the bonus, isn’t it?
Today is a busy day. Why? I went to bank to saving money, and the weather is kills me, as hell. Even know, I don’t know what is it in hell. My feet are burning, they printed my sandals shape in V. OMG! I have a zebra skin. I realized there is new products claimed that they can make my skin four times brighter than before: Vaseline Insta Fair. Okay, I got the product. And Clean N Clear, too. I’m an influenced girl on ads. So try to influences me. I swatched Vaseline over my legs. To be honest, nothing’s change. It doesn’t look brighter as they promised. Sadly.
I scheduled today is for shopping. I went to Carrefour and buy a few things: Pepsodent Sensitive Espert System Kit (I got a great prices too! It contains  in Pepsodent Senstitive tooth brush, Pepsodent Sensitive tooth paste and Pepsodent Sensitive Mouthwash for 23.000K!), Baguette (Apologized! I’m not fasting today, I’m having period), and Teh Kotak.
This is not my monthly shopping routine so I took an emergency products.

After finished grocery shopping. We moved to Paragon Mall for lunch. I choosed Solaria for my lunch, because Solaria had a friendly prices and nice taste too. I’m having Rice + Chicken Katsu Teriyaki. Tasted soooo nice.
We finished lunch, and I was opening my eyes to any Spongebob clothes as a gift to my little brother. I love giving gift. But every baby and kids clothes store don’t have a Spongebob. I was searching for second list: new journal book. But nothing’s is interested me at Toko Gunung Agung. Third list: ear cover or I don’t know what is it called. You know the head band for covering your ears when winter comes. I’m having plan to go somewhere cold this August (which I planned to share my plans tomorrow)! Fourth list: beanie. Again, nothing’s good enough. For me, I don’t really like a girl stuff which is too feminime. But I like pink. Not too much.

Today’s shopping day is went smoothly. I enjoyed my time with Ina. We walked by and our hands is holding each other hands and people staired at us in funny. They might have some thoughts if we were a thing. But it is not. We love holding hands, that’s what best girl friend for. And we stopped by Pameran Batik at the first floor. I was in love with a strapless mini Batik dress. As i looked to the price tag: 3.500.000K. OMG! Kill me now!
I was thinking about my lebaran shopping! I missed to do it again! How about you friends? How was your shopping time? :)

Xo. Krist.