Our Lebaran Day

A Week Of Without Pictures Challenge, day 3!

Are you guys ready for the lebaran euforia? All the sounds, all the crowds, all the shoppings, all the lebaran days? If you're not Moslem that's okay because when you had a friends who celebrates lebaran you will be follow the waves! I'm sure you must be celebrating lebaran with family and friends even you are not Moslem!
We’re having a fabolous lebaran every single year with our family. It was such a fun. We came to grand house (she is the only grand we had and she is not becomes great grand mother!) and just gather there and shares lebaran happiness. During the lebaran morning, what I like the most is me and family were having a little tradition called ‘sungkeman’. After Idul Fitri shalat in the morning, we were nesting in our living room and closed the door. My mom will be sungkeman with my dad at first because Dad is the oldest man in the family and our Dad and Mom’s husband so he always got the honored. Then my mom will be sitting beside dad and my sister turns and me. We kept it as our family tradition. We don’t have to mudik when lebaran because grands is living in the same city as us.
Last year, sister’s husband was joining us to our tradition but then mom told my sister to kept it original. Sister’s husband is allowed to having sungkumen after we finishes. I love this tradition because it will be trafficing a sad feelings in the air and this is a moments what makes us a family, I think.
Then we visit our neighbor houses who stayed home. Most of them are went mudik, already. We tasted a little treats of cookies! Sometimes I tied my camera on my wrist just to make sure I took every moments.
But before the lebaran morning. We went to grand house to see a Malam Takbir. It was always been fun to capture the ceremony at grand house because since I was a little girl I’ve always having this moment every year with my sister and cousins. Now when we are grown up, we still having a little moments of this the differences is they already had a kiddos which is so much more fun. I often to stood by and watch my sister and cousins when we are all grown up. I feel so blessed we had our grandmother beside us and she had a loooong age and I hope she still had it all untill I have a family of my own. We still had a little something-something to steal ‘kembang mangga’.

Two or three years ago I ordered my families to be worn white as our lebaran outfits. Turns out, not everyone wearing white they like a colorful outfits. Dad, Mom, sister and I (before my brother born) are wearing white and it was kinda back to clear canvas when lebaran. Last year, I wore white maxi dress too. In case you want to know my last year’s lebaran outfits you can see them here. I'm a fashion girl sometimes, I think about how I dressed when lebaran becauseeee we're about to meet the whole family and guess what? Dress are important, for me.
The most exciting was when my aunties and uncles giving us (the youngest member. Somehow I still one of them!) a little treats on the envelopes: money. I just love it. This is what I up to for lebaran. But maybe I can’t be expecting that I would have to get money at lebaran too much. Lebaran is about the winning day of Moslem when fighting on with thirstiness, angriness and patientness for 30 days.

I totally can not wait to see this day coming! I miss the adzan sounds all the time, and the cookies, Opor, and lebaran stuff.
Next time I will be challenged my self to make Opor Ayam. It is a traditional lebaran cuisine. I’ve heard that Indonesian cuisine is the hardest cuisini to make. But I have to try it. Mom sister and I will make Opor Ayam few days from now. Soooo excited!!!
How about you guys? Have you planned your lebaran day? What's your lebaran's tradition? :)

Xo. Krist.