How We Met, and How It Goes...

Yesterday, my boyfriend was home already and he stopped to my house right away he arrives. We sat in my living room, cuddling & forehead kissing. I’ve never felt this before, this is the first time I ever missed him this much. He went out for three days to work. Maybe I became too over at all. Remember how close we were, we can texting all day and had a phone calls in night. I’m not the type who can handling my hands and ears on the phone. I’m more to texting person. I would like to tell the story about us a little bit.
We met three years ago when he texted me when recess time. I was on high school that time and I was around sixteen. My classmate, Hajid, introduced him to me and he asked him to text me first. Hajid already told me that someone would to text me. So I reply right away and we texted until school finish. Which is we texted sooo long. One day, I didn’t reply his messages, he kept texting me. At that time, I’m not ready to open up a relationship because I just broke up with my ex boyfriend about one year ago.
One Saturday he asked me to go out to date. I was picking the place, and I thought: book store. At that time, I really become a book junkie who loves to go to book store at downtown. I can see that he wasn’t a book person after all, because he don’t know where to go and what book to read. Okay, I was thinking maybe he’s not my type. We don’t have any chemistry in the air in our first date. I remembered that I was wearing white blouse, white flip flops & blue jeans. I curlied my hair like gorgeus ways. Which I prepared my self nicely. And he was wearing short and ugly sweater. I saw straightly at him and thinking: OMG that was just sooo ugly.
In our second date, we went out to running in the morning. I met my friend with her boyfriend and I introduce ‘him’ as my friend. But she is knew the sign I made for. I was wearing my army hot pant. We had a breakfast at Soto Ayam. I remember that he gave me his wallet to pay our meals. At on the way home, he told me that he doesn’t like my pant because it was way too short. We continued texting all day long. One day he calls me ‘honey’ and ‘babe’. I’m sort of wondered what the heck was that? He tells me that he likes me. Okay, I’m okay with that. We met again in out third date. We went to theater watching movie. I don’t really remember what film we watched. Again, I stopped to a book store to see the new arrivals. At on the way home, again he told me he doesn’t like my skirt. I was wearing white skirt and pink sabrina. And that day was his birthday. I noticed it when I looked up to his Facebook page. I’m soo free to not giving him a present.
I was invited him at his birthday party. The party was on his place. The food was sooo great and nice. I love seafood! When we were all alone at his living room waiting for his friends and people coming, he told me that he likes me and he wants to be my boyfriend. I said, yes. So I came home and I marked January 19th ever since.  Then when my friend is hosting a birthday party and he became my date that time so I introduced him as my boyfriend. I took a picture and set them to profile picture on Facebook and people are go crazy. So that time I pronounced him as my lover.
We’ve been together for these past three years and I felt so happy about it. We broke up and get back together like alot, I mean there is no a smooth relationship all the time. I’m seeing someone elses when we broke up but none is ever getting too deep except of him. So did his. We’ve been through bad and good times as a boyfriend-girlfriend together. We had our ‘alay’ moments, sad moments, happy moments and thrill moments, as well. I think all relationship does. That’s the art of relationship. Now, that we know each other stands, character and our stuff, goodly. I wrote a book of our first two years together as his nineteenth birthday present. And also I gave him ‘sarung’, ‘peci’, and ‘tasbih’ that I hope he will be pray more often. He was so happy about it and when the last time I come to his room, he kept them over her desk. It was displayed. He makes me proud. I mean anything I’ve done to him is treated nicely. Insya Allah, we will be planning our engagement party next year. We haven’t discussing this with my family and his family, as well. Let it flow. We have so many good plans about our future together.
He is my best friend. I love him so much.
So today, I would like to introducing him, please meet Dhiarbima Adi Yuwono.

Xo. Krist.