How I Shave My Legs & Feet Hair

I have a coarse and curly hair on my body (don't laugh but I have a few hair over my navel and it was kinda funny!). It was a genetic from my Dad which is known had a Middle East blooded on his so it came over me and I feel so blessed! That’s become my point and my id: she’s got a coarse hair and she’s on it. And I’ve been dealing with ‘shaving time’ since I was 13. At 13 my parents allowed me to do shaving over my armpit and legs. I have to tell you about it that my legs is looks scary when they didn’t got shaved up for less than a month. OMG! Maybe the myth is kinda true, if you ever shave your hair they will grows faster. But not in head hair.
So, after a serial of mistaken I did during the shaving time and there is alot lesson I learned around shaving your hair, body hair. I injured my armpit during shaving time, I injured my feet when I was too rushing, and there is a thousand scarfs on my legs when I was shaving.
Here’s the tips if you want to shave your hair using a manual razor (I used it and I never used an electric razor) :
  1. Razor is your weapon. Please make sure that your razor is clean, sharp and undamaged. In my case, I have three different razors: armpit razor, bikini area razor and legs + feet razor. My tip is if you’re the shaving girl, you have to make sure that every single razor you had is specified. And you have to change your razor everytime you feel the blade pulling or catching when you shave. Buy you’ll get a best result if using new razor!
  2. Bath before shaving. It’s also important to keep your legs / feet / armpits are wet properly about two – three minutes. And DO YOUR NORMAL WASHING ROUTINE BEFORE YOU SHAVE. I scrubbed my shaving area using body scrub to unpeel a dead skin for a good shave.
  3. Take a seat or your legs against the wall. I don’t have bath tube or shower in my bath room so basicly I spread my one legs to the water tube. My water tube is not too tall so I got a perfect position to shave. Again, in my case I let my legs bent so I can easily reach my ankles.
  4. Apply a shaving cream / conditioner / baby shampoo. I’m using Dad’s shaving cream and it has kinda lemon extract on it and also smelt good and I read that it has moisturizer on it. And why conditioner / baby shampoo? Conditioner will allows your hair to get moisturizer and smoother to make you easier to shave. As well as baby shampoo. But in my case if I couldn’t find a shaving cream or my bath room is used and I need to be shave as soon as possible, I’m using lotion and just layered a thick coat of lotion then shave it up then rinse it out using warm towel.
  5. Shave it from the bottom of your legs: ankles. And remember to always shave them with a long strokes upwards and against the gain, and DON’T RUSH. If you’re rushing your skin will get injure and I’m sure you don’t want it to happen!
  6. Ankles them feet. Just repeat the step when shaving your ankles. From bottom to top.
  7. If you’re finished with one legs just repeat the same entire process to your other legs. I’m not recommended that you will be straightly shaving your other legs after you’re finished with the other legs.
  8. Checked (and rechecked) your missed spots. Run you fingers to your legs to feet and if you found there is a missed spots repeat the process. When you’re done rinse them off, towel them off using a warm towel are recommend.
  9. Don’t stop. It has to be moisturizing as well. Use an oil (for body not cooking oil!), a moisturizer or lotion or baby powder. In my case I’m using Vaseline Aloe Vere Lotion to reduce the red bumps or scarfs. I also rubbed an ice cube on my legs to make them rests.
  10. (Optional) If I ever getting lazy to starting a shaving time which will be takes time. I purchased Veet (Sensitive skin) which is soooo mush easier and faster too. Otherwise I want to having a shaving time then I always picked up for some cute and bright colored razor. A woman razor is regularry pink.
I'm sooo happy that I finally can describe tutorials over my words and I'm sooo happy about it. Finally my point about A Week Without Pictures Challenge are grown. Next day my post is going to be about 'eyebrow'.
Thanks to Wiki How for this tips and also there is a tutorials too. I was one of people are helping by your post. I just go clicked a related links. For you guys in case you’re curious with this article you can just go click here to see the complete article. Enjoy!

P.S. : Asking parent’s or mom’s permission ARE very important. Mine, took about a few months to finally my mom knocked her head which is the sign: yes. Please if you’re young and never been shaved before do this under adult’s surveillance.

Xo. Krist.