How I Shave My Bikini Area

Around my shaving routine because I have a coarse and dark hair over my body which is needed to be shave once a week or two week. After I posted about shaving my legs and feet yesterday, I was thinking to make one more or two or three more subject.
Bikini area. Don’t get me wrong I was not going to talk about porn or something risky. Bikini are very sensitive part to be shave and you really need to be careful and very very careful. The underlined is to be very very very careful. Here’s the tips based on my experience to get nice, smooth, pain free shave your bikini line and bikini area :
  1. In my case, I choosed a clean & clear mons pubis. I don’t really like make a landing strip and heart shape. I need to keep it nice and simple as far as I can. And I’m choosing a very simple mons pubis, too.
  2. Cut your pubic hair using a scissors, nicely. In my case, don’t ever try to cut your pubic hair if your pubic hair is short. It will be painful.
  3. Start you washing routine and make sure your pubic hair and bikini line & area is wet enough. It will helps you to have a smooth shave. You can also soak in the tub for a while, if you has it.
  4. After your pubic hair is wet enough, then apply some shaving cream or gel over it. In my case I applied a thick layer of shaving cream and let it soft about five to ten seconds. I don’t know, it just helps me. A little advice if you want to invest on shaving cream or gel make sure your shaving cream or gel are non-foamy soap. Or you can just using a regular shaving cream.
  5. Once again! RAZOR. Even unused razor is more nice to get a nice & smooth shave. If you didn’t own it or something make sure that your razor: clean, sharp and CLEAN. In my case, after shaving my bikini area once or twice time that’s the time to change my razor and make sure that your razor has an Aloe Vera on it and it designed for women.
  6. I used to think that shaving my bikini are is pretty much same when shaving my legs & feet: shave against the gain. But this time, you have to be very careful and shave with long, slow and even strokes in the direction. Do not pulling the blade too hard into your skin.
  7. Remove as much hair from mons pubic as you like. I like to shaving it clean. So I shave it all.
  8. After you finish shaving, pat your bikini are using a soft dry towel. Don’t rush. You don’t want have a red bumps or irritation.
  9. Then pat your bikini are with baby powder and baby lotion after it. It will reduce of any irritations.
  10. Shave your bikini are periodly. If you want a hair-free mons pubis then you need to shave it routinely, in my case I’m shaving it about once a week.
That’s it. All you have to do is CAREFUL and CAREFUL. In my case, I put a mirror when I was shaving my bikini line and make the mirror as my guide to shave. I asked my mom's help to that and now I'm using mirror which I place them with my hands. And if you find any missed spots, all you have to do is repeat the entire steps and make sure that you apply thick layer of shaving cream or gel. Somehow, you will be need to invest in shaving cream or gel to get a safe and pain-free and smooth shave. I didn’t using my dad’s shaving cream anymore when shave my bikini area, because they quite too regular cream 'shaving' and I can't bring my self to regret about injuring my bikini area. I'm using an Vaseline Aloe Vera lotion by the way, I just really can't find any sensitive shaving cream. Otherwise that I will using Veet and I'm not really comfortable use that because I can't find any warning or instruction if Veet can be use for shaving bikini area. And also, there's a little tips after you're shaving your bikini area: don't wear any skin tight clothes like skin tight jeans, legging, or stocking. It will be hurts will be somehow irritated you. And don't ever wearing some tights underwear after you shave. Beware of any red bumps after you shave, in my case I even have some of them. But now, I reduce them using baby powder or Aloe Vera gel/lotion. If you want a hair-less or hair-free look then you will need a periodly shaving time or maybe you can lookin' forward to laser removal which is will allows you to get a hair-free look. I've heard that mons pubis hair does an amazing job when inhibited some bacteria or fungus will be causes some disease.
This bikini area shaving requires more careful steps. Here you can see the complete tutorial. What do you think? I recently keep on track with Wiki How posts. Have you ever shave your bikini area? And how did you do it? Let me know!

Xo. Krist.