Eid Mubarak: Malam Takbir 2013

Hey guys! How’s your day? Good? Anything fun? So today I have so many good news and happy feelings this day, and let me tell you this:
1. Yesteday my A Week Of Without Pictures Challenge is officiall ended and I kept on posting things without pictures and I did really good about it. I’m able to be a better describer, right now. Here is my favorite here, here, and here.

2. Yesterday, August 7th, is Malam Takbir and I feel sooo blessed that Allah still gave me the chance having Ramadhan this year, as well. Instantly I became some an amateur photographer who following people and catching the Takbiran moment. And look at to my kembang manggar (I was wrong writting ‘kembang mangga’ the other day). Even when we were on the way home there’s an old man stopped us and asking for our kembang manggar (I was wrong typing kembang mangga the other day) to his grandaughter. 

meet my cousin and his friend on the bike. He was helping us to steal all those kembang manggar
this one is my favorite!
people on the bike were following the malam takbiran waves and finally they passed right in front of my grand's house which mean it's all about to ended
P.S.: I'm using Canon EOS 500D and this was located in my grandmother's house uptown. Look at that kembang manggar? I think Malam Takbir is all about kembang manggar. Don't noticed my happy silly face.

3. I have new allert: new camera for lebaran. My good friend has borrowed me his camera for the entire lebaran adventures starting today! OMG! Massive thank you for Koboi! ;

4. Purchased some a little beauty products: hair brush, nail polish, nail remover, hair clip, Rexona, Vaseline Serum + lotion, Clean n Clear Facial Cleanser, Belia Body Mist and Silky Girl Lip Balm. It was soo fun. For the very first time that I was going to become an accesory girl, hihi. And this is my bad habbit everytime I had morreee money I spent it no my stuff and just go with it. That’s wht maybe money is easy go easy come. I promise I’ll learn to stop.

5. Achieved my ‘lady rose’ bracelet from Aim Store. I’m not a huge fan of jewelry stuff girl but this time (more to this year!) I bought things! FYI, they had a clearance sale you might wanna check here. 

6. Rakka is got alot of surprises. 1, this year he’s showed Malam Takbir night, had a lebaran with family and he wore a little baju koko and he was almost on lens everytime I tried to shoot people. 2, he’s got a new Thomas sling bad from Yoel (read: yo el) he won’t stop claiming that was his. 3, he's got a new baby friend, Yo El.

7. Have a really really sweet text with boyfriend. He’s leaving for Semarang to Yk today, he’s going to mudik with his family. We always suck about getting to long distance communication and we did pretty good today! I hope we will be doing the same everytime he’s going out town or me, as well. And today he came home safely, and we’re about to meet and dating tonight.

8. Today is lebaran day, officially. Indonesia’s goverement announced that tomorrow is 1 Syawal 1434H. OMG. I can not be happier. And yesterday I can hear all those Allahu Akbar sounds over the mosque.  And I took alot of pictures today, so please stay on the track! I just love lebaran, and christmas and anything that will includes day off!

9. Finished match on my baju baru lebaran and my current favorite pastel shoes which is sooooo perfect for lebaran. Stay on track, I’ll post it tomorrow. By the way, I'd like to thank to Mom, she allowed me to picked up my dress all alone. Thank you, Mom.

10. Midnight fireworks over our tree and fence. Rakka is now grown up, he’s able to feel what we feels as a human, which is last year he’s still just the baby, a grown up baby. He was soooo happy seeing a fireworks.

Today I’d like to say: Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin. I’m sorry for any words I say, I’m sorry if I ever break your heart, I'm sooooooorry for anything I’ve done wrong, of my faults, mistakes and everything, the entire year. So please pluck me into your apologized folders and turns them into a crystal clear paper. Happy Eid Mubarak, anyone. I hope Allah bless you. Love. Xo.

Xo. Krist.