Eid Mubarak - Day One

After the ceremony and whole celebration things is passed (it’s not ending yet!) which is getting me sooo busy and be more pressable to my camera shutter. Ied day is always been fun, happy and sad, too. I type sad because I only could get a chance to meet my family once a year, in lebaran day and also because in lebaran like I mentioned here that my family had a little tradition called sungkeman. I can’t hold my tears run, it just happen.This year, I can’t join my family to morning Ied shalat because I’m having period this week, uh sooo sad. But after all I’m still had it all. Every moment, everything in and nothing’s left. That makes sooo happy and excite. SO this year is pretty much the same comparing to last year. There’s Opor ayam (which is I failed to see how to cook it like what I promised before because my mom made it when I fell asleep), Sambal Goreng Ati, ketupat, kerupuk udang, nastar and everything that smells lebaran and tastes lebaran either. I love it. I just knows the signal about it. I’m a lebaran detector. When my mom, sister and dad came home and right away when my brother-in-law and Rakka and I woke up and we already dressing up to going out to greeting to our neighbor. I was on the wrong dress so I ran home and decide to not coming back because I was getting drunk on homemade Opor ayam and ketupat. You know, it’s a rare food which only tastes good at lebaran day and Adha day. Don’t get me wrong, either to greeting to neighbor I’d rather to go eating Opor because I don’t know. Neighbor is easy, opor is not.It was so nice to have sister's husband came to our house. He hasn't visited our house almost a year. SO we were all dressing up on our each baju baru lebaran and we didn’t took any pictures becauseeee we (thought) are running late to go to grand’s house. We just don’t wanna be one of those late person. So these picture below was me and my first choices to my hair. Emmm turns out, Mom telling that's makes me so much older. I undo it, and go with my loose hair. We stopped at great grand and grand’s (basicly Dad’s dad, grand, uncles) cemetery just a couple minutes from grand’s house. Rakka is one of the most excite child I ever seen when we stopped at the cemetery, he just running back forward. I was having a plan to wear my pastel heels to grand’s house and finally I found if cemetery was basicly had a ground and there is no possible moves to walk. So I grabbed my converse and rock on. But I did carrying that pastel heels on my dashboard. I think heels is not a such good idea for cemetery.What I love is when I shoot my converse and it was lookin' great and how my (in process) red hair is kickin' the sun. And my lime green polish, went perfectly under the sun. And when we arrived at grands none’s showing up. It was a tragedy remember how nice grandma setting the living room, dining room, TV room, and two rooms up so all her daughters and sons and their family + her great grand childrens, could make her place like home. It was sooo sad seeing grand’s sad face, and how excite she was when she was waiting for other family. I was kinda angry and mad when the other can’t make it to come, I mean, this is lebaran, as long as grand still alive and had a long lasting age, this would be the perfect time to use the diamond time to gather in grand house, as well. Where the hell they’ve been? I basicly don’t care about them.        I'm wearing : Pands vintage dress / Aim Store bracelet / Converse & Connexion heelsSister wearing : Pands layered cardigan / unbranded trouser / Connexion flatEven our lebaran is not complete, yet, we still enjoyed our time with a few of family which still can be happy and fun to gather there as a family. People who’d like to come is people who cares, the rest of them is not. They lost their chance. Okay, make me stop complaining and writting an angry words. I met family with a newest member family too, a new baby boy Yoel. He is now about for months age and he’s able to make a move of his head, legs, hands, lips and also make a noise sound when he got hot. I also witnessing nephews and niece grown up since the last time we met. They getting older and older and I can captured how they made a fabolous moves. Yup, it was pretty much beautiful dress and a perfect pair of shoes but I really been more comfortable wearing my converse than my heels. But I still grab that. I'm happy because my grandma is still around us and Allah gave her a long last age an I hope that she will be on my wedding, anytime soon. Love you, grand. And meeting up with cousins is fun, too.    After all, we’re having fun and fun and fuun! More fun to type I guess. So how was your day going on? Lebaran is lebaran where month is fun. Summer has been good so far, uh? But I don’t have to worry if Summer is about to ended because I have Summer all year all day looong I live in tropical country. And turns out, I just love rain falling at night time. That the reason blanket created for. And that the reason DVD and movie created for, as well.Thank you, Allah. Thank you for these joyful day. Love.Xo. Krist.