Eid Mubarak - Day Two

Day two, people. I’m still couldn’t get off about seeking something out around the lebaran stuff. So my family took a road trip together to Kaliwungu where Dad’s oldest brother living. And Rakka is always been a cars junkie. Everytime he seen any cars moves or parks, then it is where he wanna go.
We don’t owned a car at the moment, so any bike is better than nothing. What matter is if you can be moved everytime.  We took a drive about an hour and less about 45 minutes. It was very close to our home and we through hot sunny Summer time but we had a weapons: driving gloves, driving mask, sunny socks, strong helmet, jacket, converse / anything we wore, full gas and good condition bike. You know what I love at lebaran? COOKIES, BISCUIT, FOODS, SNACKS, and ICE TEA!!! Scream for that!
The bad news is I almost getting firmed my body 5 pounds. Uh, okay. Maybe it is time to have a slimming program.
I met Ramma, Kak Nila's first son. She named it under Izzat Ramadhan because he born during the Ramadhan season. And Rakka: Lionel Rakka Kenza Adinegoro. Just like Kak Nila and my sister were friends and best buddies when they were child around Rama & Rakka's age. Rakka was sooooo exciting about it, he got a new friend around his age. They played, fighted, walked, and smiled together the entire day and I took them over my DSLR. It was a lovely day. 
And again, look at them. Cuddling, smilling, watching to Toys Story 3 together. What a day!
I'm a simple thought. I wore something hotfree, thin layer and yet bright and Summer. This is a Summer time and very hot too. And I took a bike road trip, too. SO you know, I wear something that will be keep me out from sweat.

I'm wearing: Insight top / Jeans / Connexion flip-flop.
We went to downtown about five minutes driving and we were on Delman it was sooo fun! Rakka & Rama were happy! And we're on the way to Pasar Sore for having a lunch. I think most of restaurants are closed, so we grabbed a lunch Bakso and there must be a Bakso opens.
And lemme tell you this, in here Kaliwungu were sooooo inexpensive. The delman, drinks, foods!
Rakka was sad because his Mom ignores him about a car. Just look at him, uuhhhh.
And Rakka got these rubber sandal. 
We took a walk and there’s a train passing right in front of us and Ramma & Rakka is screaming out loud, applousing, and laughing.
We walked about one or two miles away. Uh, I have to admit it, it was quite far. I did see something really interested all the way we walked. Something just I couldn't find in Semarang. Old-fashioned, fresh, cute and ancient.
And Rakka & Ramma made us stop when they seeing a toy outlet. They grabbed the same thing: train and train tracks. Rakka picked up Thomas and Ramma picked up the regular one. Turns out, we have to exchanged that toy so don't get fight of fighting each other toys.
I captured how Rakka and Rama becomes a best friend ever since! Uh.
We're on the way home. Thank you for Pakde Milono and Bude Ning and Ramma, Kak Nila, Kak Sagita for your foods, a quick trip. Thank you, again.

Xo. Krist.