Eid Mubarak - Day Three

Day three, please don’t passed too fast.
It's a play-date with my girlfriend! Yiiiihaaaa!
My girlfriend, when I was a little girl came to Semarang on August 9th and we met on August 10th to the mall having lunch, and coffee. I can’t be more happier to see this day coming. 
She moved back to Jakarta when right away we graduated high school, she took a college there at Universitas Jaya Baya, and she was on part time job until now. I impressed about how she able to create her own majority of her certain standard of life. Three years later we just piece of stupid teenager. She bought me a stick wafell for lunch. I had Vanilla Ice Cream on top and she had Chocolate.
We met five years ago over Friendster and became friends ever since. We had so many things in common. Music, movie, book, actrees, actor, and boys. She took her high school in Semarang, here. We haven’t even met like in periodly when we were in high school. She’s getting busy, so was I. And high school is way too sweet to abandoned.
These pictures below are us (up) when we were in high school in 2010, (bottom) and present day 2013.
Today, present time 2013. We put flat shoes and heels over our legs and she worn a long black dress & feminime necklace. We both carrying our purse, some necklace and bracelet. How feminime. At 2008 when we met, we're just too boyish, hehehe.
We had a flash coffee date around with her brother, Irfan. I'm not much for coffee, but for her I did. She bought me a coffee, again.
Thank you, Ima. For coming and having lunch + coffee date with me. Thank you for having me as your longtime best girlfriend, after all, through the year & distance. Come back here soon. I'll wait for you at Christmas xoxo love.

Xo. Krist.