Eid Mubarak - Day Four

This lebaran is the perfect time to meet people, and old and new people. I love meeting people. Um, day four of lebaran. Which I'm sooo excited about it. I made a dealt with my self that lebaran is seven days to the max. So I'm still have three days ahead to enjoying a lebaran holiday.I can say: Welcome Home, Nanny.
My old nanny is visited our home on August 11st, I picked her up on a bus station in the morning, and she went home right away at night. It was a lovely day, I feel like I was a child again and I need my nanny around me.

She left us because my mom thinking that I was big enough to raising by my mom. I visited her about once or twice a year because there is no almost a free time to visit her, although her village is quite close. 

I gifted her a pieces of some an old baju muslim & hijab to her. She's married, now! What a great news! But she haven't introduced her husband to me. I love you, Mak. Come here very very very soon! I'm gonna miss youuuuu!! Love love love.

Xo. Krist.