Eid Mubarak - Day Five

Day five, people. Make it count! After missing my boyfriend who have been mudik in lebaran for (only) two days. Uh, I'm not an individualism person, after all. I love socializing, meeting people and surrounded by people I love.
Boyfriend came home with a skinny jeans, denim jacket, and his new hat or maybe I can call this a snapback or I don't know how to type this. SO I went to Wikipedia and search for these kinda hat: snapback. Um just ignore me! I moved my hand to grab that snapback on his head. Wiiii! It was perfect size and fit nicely to me!
He just purchased the same details. He purchased Jeep backpack on Army / Military design, too. He's kinda a junkie. I love spare my things with him soo I felt free to that. Technically, we fell in love on most of similar stuff.We had a diner after about an hour seeking for open restaurant and p.s.: I love eating out. But not this time. I don't like the food. And he's got these snapback at Buck for only around 130K!
After all I only had a date with boyfriend for an hour, but it was quite nice. He gotta back to work that night, as well. He's taken a driver offers. Um, his father owned a car rental so he took a control by being a driver for those who rent a car, optionally. So proud. He's driving away to Yogyakarta, Solo, Pekalongan, Klaten & Magelang this week. Gonna miss him so muuccccch! Have a safe drive, baby. <3

Xo. Krist.