Eid Mubarak - Day Six

I just love Ersa. She’s more like my twin. You need to us what we looks like when we were on high school. We met at her school when my friends invited me to. When we met OMG I just can’t believe see the similar me in front of me. We became best girlfriend ever since, and I love her just like I love my sister. We showed our photos to our Moms and Moms are going crazy, hehehe.
We made a date at Irish Cafe right the way downtown, only about 10 to 20 minutes away from home. It was a coffee date. We talked, and shared a stories and finally I decided to gifting my Aim Store’s bracelet to her. She’s a jewelry junkie. I can say every time we met and we sat on the same sofa was very meaningful. We only could get a date when she was free on her job. We always been proud showing up our girl feminime side to people. And people were often to asked us if we’re a sister or twin sister. I answered, ‘yes’ and so did she. And give me a hundred glass of any Chocolate drinks and I promise I will make it empty.
One thing about her, she stayed with her natural black hair. And I can't do that. I wanna be experimenting to hair. Nuuuuh, that's me.
Even I grabbed my camera with me, I think it was really not the right time to take a pictures. After all, every time we met we don’t really a camera junkie, even we were. I prefer to having a nice night talks with her than taking alot of pictures. She sang in the cafe for me as the birthday present.
The date is officially ended by 10.30 PM and I thank to Allah gives me a crowded traffic on the way home. Why? Because it will be a thousand more safer than have to driving all alone passing a silent road. And I got home safely.
I love her sooo much. And that night we opened each other minds about relationship, friendship, and religion. She's about to take Islam. I'm a very neutral person. I'm not that sensitive about religion, and friends do not (really) care when having friends on different religion. All I can say is, whatever religion you took, girl, doesn't really matter. And welcome to Islam, girlfriend!

Xo. Krist.