Why You Should Love Vaseline!!

Okay guys. First of all, I've been using Vaseline since I was born. I mean when I was barely seven years old, I remembered that my mom using Vaselina, so did my sister. Because I was not allowed to using Vaseline that time, even I know they claimed Vaseline is safe for all ages.
I'm using Vaseline in my whole entire life. Once, I remember I'm using Vaseline Aloe Vera Lotion when I shaved my legs and feet.
This Vaseline Serum & Instafair suddenly becomes my best girlfriend. I'm not much for fairness or brightening products, but I'm an Ad girl. I always been diving to all Ad stuff. I purchased these two Vaseline last month. And somehow, it works.
I promise I'll be honest about this.
Most of you, must be wondering 'is that trus if Vaseline could change my skin into 4 time brighter than before?'; 'if I get it, am I one of those stupid girls who right away buy what's on this morning's Ad on the TV?' The answer is, it is all up to you. But if you decide to get these Vaseline, serum or just Instafair, I promise I guarantee it, you'll be just fine.
In my case, I'm lazy though. I don't wanna be too risky to trying around my lotion. I'm a loyal person. So everytime Vaseline launched a new lotion, I grabbed it on my shopping trolley. Just when they claimed that four times brighter, uh c'mon! Be real. I don't believe it. Turns out, I checked to Youtube and there's a dozen of people who reviewed these Instafair. So I catched by one of that waves. I decide to get it very soon. Even these Instafair were available on Indomaret & Alfamart. I can say, they were right about everything. I count on these Instafair, I promise. But FYI, you have to apply a thick layer of coat of Instafair. Once I applied a nice thin layer, I can't see any insta-bright on my skin. I repeat on thick layer, and now I know that Vaseline won't be lie to you, guys.
When you're about to apply these lotion, you can be straight away swimming or get wet, it will be faded. Even these lotion has an SPF on it, it is not a sunscreen or sunblock, people. You don't wanna be exposing your skin under the sun, it highly not recommended, I read the 'warning'. For the best result, you need to apply it twice a day. After shower, in my case did.
For the bestest result, I combined while using Instafair with Vaseline Serum. I always be true, and you have to trust me. I applied Serum before Instafair, and let it cool for one or two minutes after you applied it, and then apply your Instafair.
And why I had to let it cool after applied Serum? Over my dictionary, when I was about to applying two lotion is the first lotion it has got be absorbed to skin eventually and then the second lotion is about to covering for the best result. Even, I know Instafair has already moisturizered my skin nicey. I don't know, it just me.
Here's I had the demo:
First, I applied Serum, regular layer. 
Let it coooool for one t0 two minutes or 30 seconds just fine.
Then I applied Instafair, thick layer of coat. Nicely & evenly. 
 Here's the finish skin. Unedited, unautocolored. Or maybe you have to demonstrate it all by your self to see the real result. How's that?

Vaseline Instafair and Vaseline Serum both cost me close to 60K. I bought it both at Indomaret. Or you can get these on Carefour (the cheaper version). What do you think, eh? Interested to try? Just go try it on! Love.

Xo. Krist.