Eid Mubarak - Day Seven

Last day of lebaran euforia. To be honest, at day seven, I stayed home all day long, just stucking in my bed room and laziest girl in home. But this is my holiday version.
I found my purse is like a pieces of trash! All trash! What am I gonne do? Of course make them tidy and go organize my own stuff. I think last day of lebaran is the perfect time (for me) to have a nice quick tidying up.
Just look at that picture above? I think it was lovely in the outside, it has kinda animal skin leather (faux) details, I even fell in love with this bag at first sight, for sure. I even had a little fight with a woman for this bag hihi.
Look at that trash? Bill papers, hair band, lipstick + body lotion + body mist & handsinitizer(what?), hair brush, wallet, anything unseen and everything goes? Did you notice that photos? Uh. And what makes everything getting wild is everything on my wallet was loading to it. BUT don't worry, there's a way to make them tidier, nicer, cleaner, in less than 10 minutes or maybe 5 minutes!

Kindly reposted your stuff into its own sections: in my case daily survival kit (Vaselina Serum, Belia Body Mist, Oriflame Hand Cream, Johnsonn Handsinitizer, Maybelline Lipstick, Oriflame Kajal Liner. Because I just need to carrying a few of them, I don't really need any case such as clutch and stuff. I put it on the smaller space on my bag. It usually at the bottom of the zipper, generally. And hair brush, sunnies case, coin wallet. The most important thing is resection the entire things that supposed to be on inside the wallet.
It takes only five minutes or ten minutes to the max. It's very easy and soooo quick. What took me about 30 minutes is taking a pictures on it, hehehe.
There you go! You're good to go, now! My purse is now more clean, lighter, and clear as new (not 100& true!). I've always carrying that transparant box everywhere I go because it was basicly a very all-in-one case where I can put my lipstick, lipbalm, lipgloss, flashdisk, elastic band, pins, and spidol. See? It's much better than before, isn't it? I promise I'll make this keep clean and tidy as long as I can!
Tidying what's in your bags or purses stuff is highly recommend for make you easier to pick up your things on it. Love love!

Xo. Krist.