I Painted My Wall Red...

Good afternoon to evening, friends! Today was sooooooo hot and the sun just shines way too bright, to me. I don't know about you if you're a sun lovers. I spent my morning and most afternoon by laying lazily on my bed.
You must be wondering and maybe some of you are already get the answer! Yes yes yes, One Direction.
Lemme tell you something abit about me and One Direction. I started to crushing One Direction in 2010. I karaokeing their songs, make a playlist to their songs ever since. So I looked forward to any 1D stuff that can be display or just lay there in my room. So did, I did it. I think about posters, and I got a few of them, sooo fun!
That One Direction poster from LOOKS is my first poster, I stole it from my friend hihi and she gave it to me finally. And two other posters I got it from Gramedia, I saw there's some messy section in biographies about new crushes! One of them was One Direction, lot of them just being accidently opens, ripped, written by unresponsible people. I hate that, but when I found a pieces of One Direction posters, I asked the store staff's permission if I allows to take that, they say yes! Oh boy, what a day!
Almost all of them was taken from Gramedia. But I also ripping over One Direction paper on the magazine, which I purchased by my self. You can see the smaller One Direction poster on the right.
This one is my favorite! I got it for free again at Gramedia! Thanks Gramedia! This is a desk calendar with a One Direction picture when they were shooted for Live While We're Young video clip. My favorite!
And did you know? When I started to collect these poster and decided to keep on collecting them, I felt there's some a positive eneergy came over and explode to me. There's a whole new spirit every day. Even I see the same posters every day, everytime I enter my room, but I like it, really. I got me addicted.
I remembered that once I've heard that someone says collecting somethin' is good for you and will keeping you out for bad accidents such as drugging. It keeps you busy and busy everytime and will avoid you from that. I don't know, somethin' I've heard.
How about you? Do you have any things to collect? What is it? Happy collecting guys!