Golden Sunrise Pt. 1

The boy & the boys and I were took an adventure the other day. Like I mentioned here and here. It was sooo fun. And here's a few snapshots during the trip. 
B was not steering, we sat on back seat and cuddling in the most trip. He kept me out of my carsick infection and makes me fell asleep all day in the car on his lap. I wore tank top and short, keep it light, girl. This is Summer. Tank + short smells like Summer!
We had a lunch and Duhur shalat. B made me ate soooo many rice and meals. I filmed abit and sooo amatuer I think I did pretty great. We arrived in Telaga Cebongan and took a pictures there. The sun is dreamy and the weather is quite warm.
We've climbing for 800 meters to reach the top. It's actually JUST a tall hill. But trust me, you will exhausting to the max.
This whole hiking thing was new for me, at all. I've never climbing hills or mountains. As you can see the pictures above, B covered me with tshirt, sweater and parka, and short and training pant, and socks, and hiking sandals (it was actually his sandal, he wore my Converse) and warm beanie. I underestimated the weather, I said I'm a cold bestfriend, I didn't put my beanie on when we were hiking. I was wrong.
I can't hike, I can't move, I can't walk, I can't breath, the oxygen is getting limited. The boys is frustated by me. We're all the way in top, and we're all the way too far to climb down or climb up. My chest was sick, it was hurt so bad, I can tell you. The boys tried to cheering me up, sang me a songs I love, and what amazed me was the boy would / could carried me by walk, remember I was 116 pounds and he nearly 108 pounds. I was eight pounds bigger than him. I refuses for sure. BUT I can't help my self. We finally reached on top by two hours hiking and a normal hiking in a fit condition (amateur or professional) only takes an hour to the max by alot of resting.
The other boys, three of us, had already arrived on top and they've already built a tend. We moved to higher ground to sunrise in the morning. I was perfectly fine at first, I took a pictures, I ate my snacks, I made a joke with the boys, and kissing boyfriend. Mist are covering our lens.
Turns out, it was a really bad idea after all. I was sick, cold, freezing, puking, my chest is hurted, I can't feel my arm. The best thing traveling with your boyfriend is have someone to get your back and will guard you. My boyfriend is my doctor. He letted me to have his jackets, blankets, and sleeping bag and everything I needed. I took the first aid medicines. Luckily I had a plastic bags on my backpack so I won't littered our tends and the hills. I puked every ten minutes, I cried because I made a mess by sick and made my boyfriend have to take care of me. B slept next to me, hug me tight, it was a best night I ever had.
Just the time for the sunrise appears in the morning and I can't got up from tend, my feet are frozen. But B forced me to see the sunrise because it is kinda the point why we were there. He kissed me under the sunrise. I got back to sleep and B woke me up for breakfast and have a little walks to refreshed me. It worked.
The sun felt sooo warm and nice this is the first time I ever love sunshine. The sky is look way brighter. I love it. I've tanning for an hour while the boys are taking pictures and again, B sitting by my side. Uh, God, thank you I have my lovely sweet boyfriend! And again, when we're on the way down, we took a rest like a lot I was exhausted again. It doesn't really making more differences about climbing up or climbing down. When we arrived in our parking area, right away I grabbed my towel, panties and soap to bath. The water was crazy freeze! And it was time for us to get home. I slept all on the way home.
Thank you, Sikunir, for giving me crazy wonderful unbelievable exhausted experience. I'm sure will be back to ya with an experineced skill. I love your sunrise. After took this trip, we planned to go to Bromo next year.

Xo. Krist.

p.s.: I took a pictures using Sony DSC W-530 and it was a pocket camera. The other pictures will be coming any time soon!