Beach Hat Restyle

I'm not a beach kinda girl, after all. I don't really like going to the beach, even otherwise I enjoyed every time I went to the beach, but beach is not really my holiday destination. I prefer to go hiking or market shopping or sleeping might sound better. I'm a lazy person. Even beach is not my thing, seem like every girl has to own this thing: beach hat.
I owned these hat for sooo long, I got it back in 2009. And never been used ever since. I love the color. It's cream and has a vintage taste (I guess) too. I found these hat layed there alone in the bottom of my closet. I decide to make it a little something new wishing I will wear this hat when I go to the beach. You can also simply grab your beach hat and stick with me to do this simple restyling.
I have this sea stuff necklaces it was a gift from boyfriend when he went to the beach three years ago. This necklace is going to be my hat new bestfriend I set them into their first day now I am a match maker!
All you have to do is grab your necklaces and put the necklaces to the hat circle where your head will be and sorry guys I don't know what is it called, again. I simply put my necklaces into the hat, I think one is never enough so I add anothe layer and voila!
You're good to go. Now, the date is ready.
You can even prefer to put and add any necklaces you owned. I think these sea creatures necklaces will be fit and match to my beach hat. In case you want go to the beach with this restyled hat, and you worry about the necklaces you installed in the cap will be come off, don't worry! You can simply remove the necklaces on it and put it on your purse. Or maybe you can sew a few part of your necklaces so you don't find any loose part. But I'm happily comfortable with my unsewed beach hat. It will be so much easier if I want to change the necklace. How's that? Simple and easy. I took only about ten minutes. Happy restyling your hat!

Xo. Krist.