These Past Days

Hey guys.
SO I've been thinking lately about this blog and what my goals really are I want to aim for a long time. This blog has become my online friends since 2008. I wrote somethin' about my self, and my experiences. It was fun. Turns out, it becomes my personal diary I decided to be a more lifestyle blogger that shares daily life, inspirations, my fashion diaries, and people around me. I started to be serious on blogging in 2010. About my goals, perhaps some of them are already happened to me nicely and exactly what I wanted. Life is been hard through the time, and I lived enjoying it every single day. I've had oinkbundell.blogspot.com for five years and I did alot of blog title changing. There was I'm Still Oinkbundell, Hot Hotter Hottest, Medium Pig Power and finally I've got the perfect ones: Pretty Pig Town. I love anything comes with pigs and sounds oink. You know what I mean uh?
What happened these past days was amazing, new experiences, new ideas, new spirits, new healthy and new me. It was all about upgrading my self to newer person, better person. I got sick when I was hiking with the boy & the boys, I went vacation, I had a girls day staying home, I had phone dates with girlfriend, I missed my boyfriend when he was working out town, I stayed home all day all week, I migrated to my old laptop, and everything happened just the way it was. I won't change it, let it flow slowly but sure. Things has it own way to moves, flows, flies and sparks. I love the way it was.
And, I've been working with my girl for our projects that will launched next Spring or Summer. We can't decide it for sure because there's alot things to do around here. We have to be ready in 100 % condition to make sure the things go right. I've been working a lot of new + fun projects these past seven months, all of them is not finished yet and still in progress. Planning is kinda fun thing to do while I'm making a projects, planning would be like a salt & pepper to these projects, right?
I ate a lot ever since, I've been avoiding mirrors and tries not to stay on the mirror for so long because I don't want to see how I looked. Now, I'm 121 pounds, I gained 10 pounds these past seven months maybe more or less. Sad but I have to be stay positive around here to keeping up with my projects, I won't let them down, to everyone supported me and cheered me during the work days. Meanwhile, I'm doing my relax days by sleeping enough, stop an insomnia habbits (on progress and process), listening to slow and easy listening music & stay positive as much as I can. Positive positive positive. It made my day brighter and cooler. This was also avoid me to long depression and stress days I had lately, it much more reduces.
School will be starting in September. I need to fresh and ginger! Which my hair was not finished yet and still have to do abit of coloring one or two times more. UH, this second coloring I will be doing at home and helped by my sister. I wiki how-ed how to do at home coloring and now I know how. BTW, Wiki How is the perfect place for you to search 'how to do anything' tutorials with or without pictures. You can also be participating by write your own tutorials there. And about school, why I want ginger hair? It will makes me look fresh and new.
OKAY. I'm gonna go back to work now. I've been blogging for a long hours. See you next time guys! Have a bright nice Summer. Lovelove!

Xo. Krist.