Hippie Sling Bag Restyle

I've been doing a restyling to my stuff lately. Restyling is simple and very easy. I'm lazy though. If I found my projects is terribely complication and very hard I won't be end up to start or even finish it. Don't get me wrong. I love trying new things. But difficult projects sound better and great too. Not this time.
I have so many things that finally becomes a junk in my room. BUT there is some things I still like and still want to wear them occasionally. And I found these hippie, classic, vintage (maybe) sling bag. It was white but now it was more to white bone or yellow. UH, no! Okay, maybe I deserve that color changing anyway, it was all my fault. So I give it a little bit cheering up style.
I realize that the flower details on the bag is only in one part of the bag. If I turn it over or maybe if I'm in rush and there is no any details on it. Maybe I could give it a little details.
Make it easy as I can and I found a peace symbol necklace. It's wooden.
The great part is the necklace has a printed on it and the other part just a plain brown wooden. I think this will be fun to make all part of the necklace can be used.
Here's a simple restyle. Because my sling bag has a holes on it make it easier to lock the necklace. Find a holes you might want to locked it, if your bag doesn't have a holes or it was a leather / tote / or just doesn't have a holes, you can perforate your bag to lock the necklace, OR you can just glue on it with any details you might want, like a faux flowers, studd. Then adjust the length you want. Once you adjusted it, lock the access so it won't come out, don't tied it too strong in case you want to readjust the length anyway.
You're done.
Simple and easy and quick. You're good to go! Now you can rock on (I don't know what I'm talking about)

Xo. Krist.