I've been in relationship with amazing guy for three years and I've learned a secret of giving a gifts to him, or to a boyfriends of yours. It's no secret actually, but most of us (a girlfriends) is giving up when your boyfriend's birthday is about to come or in case you have a little tradition with him to exchange gift in your anniversary. Finding a perfect gift to your boyfriend is not really that hard, yet not easy. Now I'm learning the art of boyfriend gift and discover the secret. I got these guide from Elle.

  1. Start with a little simple gift to your boyfriend, such as maybe phone case, or sunnies. He will like it I guarantee it. But maybe you can start out with something more simple, like maybe a scarf? It has a good point, in case this is Summer, you give him a scarf because you want to still with him to Autumn or Winter.
  2. You want to move into a higher level. Why not give him a nice wine or beer you might enjoy it for two? You have to know what kinda wine he likes or what kinda beer he likes. Make him bar space with a little taste of yours.
  3. Now that you know about him, more. Let's be involved in his daily routine. Give him a shave set, or a perfume that he addicted to or maybe you can give him a perfume you picked it up for him, a cologne, bar soap, deodorant will makes him smell good maybe. Let's be more pay your attention to his face, give him a face wash or men face kit. It never go wrong.
  4. He's now trust you, good news! Give him a nice (maybe leather) sling bag, a multifunctional bag will be better. Sport bag or backpack is perfect for him. I believe your boyfriends love sport, you can give him a sport bag in his favorite soccer team.
  5. It's all about the stationary. You noticed him using the same ballpoint and binder since you were dating, get him new stationary in bright color, like blue or the color he likes. I bought my boyfriend a ballpoints and binders everytime I went for stationary shopping, he layed on me in stationary stuff now. It's good finally I hold his trust.
  6. Pay more attention to his foot wear. He believe on you to picking up his style. Now, let's have a match Converse with him. Spread up your masculine mode, pick red or yellow or light blue! You'll be rock on your step and people will think you two perfect for each other.
  7. It's dance night and a sit down diner for two you and your boyfriend celebrating something. Why not: bow tie or tie match to your dress? He'll like it for sure. Nothing's go wrong with a nice lux ties.
  8. You and your boyfriend spend your night watching TV and soccer games and there's a big game and it's local, all you have to do is get him a tickets and make sure he'll get a nice close view. He thank you after and maybe he will make a surprise by get you a tickets for a movie you've been waiting for.
  9. It's his birthday, you already gift him bag, shoes, scarf, tie and stationary, now what? Time to go luxe watches. It will cost you more, be sure you get a affordable prices. Why not give him a wooden luxury watches? You be amaze him.
  10. It's winter time and rainy days. Time to go warmer stuff, like jacket or sweater. Be sure it's warm it's kinda show how much you love him by sweater (I don't know what I'm talking about)
  11. Back to fashion where you passion built. I think jeans and trousers. It's nice and cool and your boyfriend will love it I bet he will. Rebel old-fashioned jeans just great.
  12. My boyfriend is addicted to flannel shirts, he had a bunch of flannel shirts hanging on his closet. Once I went shopping with him and I decided to got him a nice new bright flannel shirt which he really love until now. SO I can say flannel shirts, why? Guys love it girl. Even I love a flannel shirts, to be honest.
  13. You're getting a little obsession on his style and you want to make it personal and plus you noticed that his wallet soo soooo soo ugly and it turns to pale color. It is time to wallet shopping!
  14. He loves hat, especially snapback hat. It comes naturally that you want to give him one and it also comes naturally to pick a nice light color hat, I can say.
  15. Soccer, football and basket is on his blood. Now, you need to searching a tumbler, towel, tshirt, a basket balls, or maybe a soccer shoes, wrap it nicely and make a surprise by putting your nice wrapped gift on his bed.
  16. Bed sheet, make it personal girls! Maybe it starts up with a bed sheet the bed will be yours, and again I don't know what I'm talking about.
  17. Costumize his headphones to fit his personal style, you can even get a matching headphones.
  18. Books never (can) go wrong to guys. Let's start with a sport magazine, and then an auotomotive magazine, and books finally. My boyfriend doesn't reading a book, so I could simply get him magazine he likes.
  19. Now you've payed attention, you want to move to more luxury things like gadget, why not give him an iPhone if you can afford them, or why not give him a Blackberry, or Android phones, or just a simple classic iPod? Like it?
  20. There's more gifts you can give to your boyfriend. To final guide of mine, take him for a romantic vacation for two. Booked a plane tickets, a hotel room, a resort spa, an amusement park tickets, or anything you'll need to complete your romantic trip.
Good luck girls and you know what the decisions are all on you hands.

Xo. Krist.

p.s.: Articles are inspired by Burke Decor and Elle.