Summer is...

Hellloooo guys! How are ya guys? Good?
I missed my blog like hell. Not blogging for almost a month I guess. I missed my Bloglovin' and when I turned my laptop on and clicked the internet button, and yeah, I went straight away to Bloglovin' and Blogger. And here I am, blogging again!
SO. The Summer has been sooo good to me, it's hard to say goodbye and farewell to the sun. Even I have like sunny day all day almost all year, but Summer is always been... different. The holiday, vacation, trip, staying at home, sleeping all day, eating too many ice cream and the smell of green grass. Summer is fun. This is my latest vacation trip in this Summer. See? Told ya! Summer holiday is for everyone! Who cares? Didn't take much self potraits I think landscape is more fun for this!
Guess you recognizing where it was, uh? In that case I don't have to explain it more ;) I only went for three days with my girls let's say it was our jumping out holiday to get the real holiday which we planned for sure next year as well, Insya Allah! And I didn't get anything new so I could say this is the 'real' refreshing holiday. How about you? Summer?

xo. krist.

p.s.: KL is really fun!