Golden Hours

"Two golden hours somewhere between sunrise and sunset. Both are set with 60 diamond minutes. No reward is offered. They are gone forever."
-Horace Mann-
this one is my favorite!
Yes. It's official now. I really enjoying my sef taking landscape photographs and I'm getting good enough for this stuff I guess. It's just been sent by friends from our trip to Mountain Bromo last month. You know, beautiful things comes soo unpredictable ways. I've been through it if you want to know. Sometimes I planned nicely and sometimes wonderful plans just come through over me, like this one. I couldn't really describe how beautiful it was. I just realized that every photographs has a different color tone. So amazing! I've just learned playing using black and white photographs so fun actually.
Just the time we got there my eyes were amazed by those sand desert and all those dust come out when bikes or cars passing through. Such a cowboy movie scene. I got so lucky that I brought my sunnies, hat and sunblock. People came here in Bromo by bikes or simply they can rent a Jeep. I didn't climbed to the top, I've learned based on my experience when I went to Sikunir months ago. No, thanks. I'm perfectly fine.
But you can't call it Bromo Adventure without climbing, right? I finally decided to get my balls up, be fearless and everything's gonna be just fine. And I did. It was the most exhausting tiring painful killing walks I ever had I ever did. I didn't took any photographs my lens would be my both eyes. I wish I could back to Bromo and repeat my adventure all over again. Yuuppp, maybe I will.
It was beautiful vacation in the last hour. Thank you for Bimo and your mountains folks. I just got an amazing extraordinary extremelly special vacation, except with those long driving, but it's okay I still love it anyhow.

xo. krist.